100 things to do before I die. Dream big or stay home.

  1. Write a best-selling book.

  2. Run a half-marathon. [Done! And once I finished the half, I went on to run three full marathons, including the 2015 Boston Marathon.]

  3. Own and curate a specialty stationery shop.

  4. Experience Burning Man.

  5. Host a Perseids-watching dinner party on the beach.

  6. Ride the Orient Express on its original route: Paris to Istanbul.

  7. Watch a New Year's Day sunrise from a mountaintop.

  8. Make croissants from scratch.

  9. Trail-run the Grand Canyon.

  10. Buy retirement homes for both my parents.

  11. Volunteer at a shelter for Christmas Day dinner.

  12. See 250 bands play live. [Beginning September 2017: La Femme; Timber Timbre; Slowdive; Laila Biali; LP; Yo La Tengo; The Rural Alberta Advantage; Charlotte Day Wilson; A Tribe Called Red; July Talk; Cherry Glazerr; Lord Huron; Beach House; The The; Neko Case; Simple Minds; Sharon Van Etten; Deerhunter]

  13. Star-watch under the darkest night sky on Earth: NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia, South Africa.

  14. Work on a farm.

  15. Learn to sew.

  16. Cook dinner, post-show, for the members of Wilco.

  17. Hike the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.

  18. Experience an olive harvest, and oil-pressing, in Italy.

  19. Set foot on Canadian tundra.

  20. View the Aurora Borealis from Iceland.

  21. Drink champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower. [Done: 25 September 2017. What a sunset...]

  22. Live in another country for a year.

  23. Brave the Night Market in Marrakesh.

  24. Take a surfing lesson.

  25. Solo-camp with Tilda.

  26. Send 500 pieces of lettermail before I turn 50.

  27. Grow my own fruit and nut trees as part of a permaculture garden.

  28. Hold a Writer-in-Residence post at a creative writing program.

  29. Knit a sweater.

  30. Read out loud to a lover.

  31. Have my portrait taken by Annie Liebovitz.

  32. Road-trip Route 66.

  33. Attend the Taos Writer's Retreat in New Mexico.

  34. Make traditional cassoulet from scratch.

  35. Participate in a Ragnar Relay.

  36. Taste 300 cheeses. [Beginning September 2017: Tomme de Savoie; Chabichou; Saint Agur; Comte; Manchego; Pieds du Vent; Tomme de Laguiole; Lune de Meil; Oka Classique; Cremeaux du Jura; Beemster]

  37. Ride a motorcycle.

  38. Be a TED speaker.

  39. Take a butchery course to truly understand nose-to-tail consumption.

  40. Climb a tree with a kid who loves nature.

  41. Attend Feria de Abril in Seville, Spain.

  42. Take a hot-air balloon ride.

  43. Be fluently bilingual in French.

  44. Leave a handwritten note in a book for a stranger to find.

  45. Learn how to tango.

  46. Listen to each of Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of all time.

  47. Fly a kite.

  48. Learn to shuck oysters.

  49. Stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

  50. Attend a yoga/meditation retreat.

  51. Kiss at the top of a Ferris Wheel.

  52. Run the coastline Big Sur Marathon.

  53. Sample 150 bourbons. [Rebel Yell]

  54. See the fall colours in New England.

  55. Visit Gros Morne National Park.

  56. Hike through the Alps.

  57. Create a book of my family's recipes with accompanying stories to give to all my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

  58. Write my great-grandmother's biography.

  59. Re-create an Ansel Adams Half Dome photo in Yosemite National Park.

  60. Go clamming and then make linguine alle vongole with the bounty (and homemade pasta, of course).

  61. Visit 200 bookstores. [Beginning September 2017: Shakespeare and Company, Paris; Les Bouquinistes, Paris; Book City Danforth, Toronto; Queen Books, Toronto; Beckham's Bookshop, New Orleans]

  62. Sky dive.

  63. Take a vacation on a private island.

  64. Buy a record player and start re-collecting, and listening to, vinyl.

  65. Hold someone's hand while watching a sunset.

  66. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  67. Have a drink with Neko Case.

  68. Visit the Cinque Terre in Italy.

  69. Record a item of gratitude every day for 365 days straight. Write about being changed by the experience.

  70. Develop and make annually a signature "house" spirit.

  71. Watch TimeOut's 100 best movies of all-time.

  72. Get a "Courage, My Love" tattoo.

  73. Adapt a book into a screenplay.

  74. Own a home on the water.

  75. Have a St. Andrew's Cross experience.

  76. Watch fireworks from a boat.

  77. Slow-dance in the rain.

  78. Attend an opera in a gown and gloves.

  79. Join the Mile High Club.

  80. Celebrate my birthday in a different country.

  81. Break bread with Anthony Bordain. [I don’t have the heart to delete or amend this one after his death.]

  82. Skinny-dip in open water at midnight. With someone.

  83. Do Coachella.

  84. Serve someone a luxurious breakfast in bed.

  85. Go hunting for truffles in France.

  86. Create a signature preserve.

  87. Take a letterpress workshop.

  88. Guest-host a radio show or podcast.

  89. Do a public reading of something I've written.

  90. Look through a telescope at an observatory.

  91. Have a piece of jewellery made to mark a special occasion.

  92. Grow sunflowers, the symbol of creativity and resistance.

  93. Purchase a complete ensemble from Atelier Bordelle.

  94. Summit Kilimanjaro.

  95. Donate blood.

  96. Participate in the hand-harvesting of sea salt in the Mediterranean.

  97. Write an article for the New Yorker.

  98. Have a pair of John Fluevog shoes designed for and named after me.

  99. Take a cooking class in a different country.

  100. Say "I love you," even if it feels like a risk. [Done. Now the challenge is to take that risk again.]